18.01.2022 -
Which fiber optic connectors is suitable for non-standard fiber sizes?

Most telecommunications projects use standard equipment and optical fibers, but ...

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28.12.2021 -
12 24 48 72 96 144 Core Fiber Optic Distribution Frame with Empty Container & Full Load

Fiber Optic Management Units are used for fiber optic splicing, distribution and...

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22.12.2021 -
The difference between single-mode and multi-mode fiber jumper

The concept of single-mode and multi-mode is to classify fibers according to the...

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16.12.2021 -
Fast Connect- Drop cable

A Fast Connect drop cable adopts an anti- vibration design. It allows plug and p...

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YK Fiber Optic Drop Cable Clamp

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FTTH Drop Cable Clamp ACC

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SS-type Fiber Optic Drop Cable Clamp

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S-type Fiber Optic Drop Cable Clamp

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